Issue 2: Call For Work

For its second issue, Unbound Brooklyn, the literary journal of St. Francis College’s MFA in Writing program, invites submissions on the themes of conflict and connection. We are living in a time of pandemic, division and war and yet people are finding meaningful ways, new and old, real and virtual, to come together in shared experience. Feel free to submit work on the theme of conflict, connection, or some relationship between the two. We’re excited to see your contribution.


Prose: Up to about 2,500 words. We’re seeking short fiction, essays, lyric nonfiction, excerpts of longer work, and hybrid work. 

Poetry: Up to 5 poems, totaling no more than 10 pages.

Original music/sound pieces: One recorded song/sound piece, attached or linked.

Original artwork: Up to 5 high-resolution images (photography, collage, painting, sculptural work, etc.), attached or linked.

Please email all submissions to

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